When a recruitment process is slow, either the need is not real enough to create a sense of urgency, or it is not well defined. Here is an update on how to speed up the process. When recruiting from a distance on the German or French job market, the first step to saving time is spending time, even in a very tight market that requires the utmost reactivity. It takes time to define your needs. If this is not done at the outset, the recruitment process will be slow. And when that's the case, your candidates will seize other opportunities.

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Recruitment in France and Germany: 7 best practices to avoid losing candidates along the way

French employees do not like to talk about their own income, and especially after many years of employment in a company, it is difficult to estimate one's salary correctly. Likewise, when you first enter the German job market, be it as a salesperson or as a foreign company, you often don't have a clear and reliable idea about the salary level of a sales representative there. In both countries, the region in which you work and the gross-net calculation play an important role. We will explain which criteria are used to calculate the salary of office and field staff, sales managers and key account managers in France and Germany.

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Sales salaries in France and Germany 2024

As a foreign company, there are many reasons why you would want to expand to the French and German markets, or go get your talent there. If you want to sell your product across France or Germany, whether you are opening a new branch there or are aiming for those markets remotely, you need someone who is both familiar with the local culture and with your industry. Anything else will waste time and resources. However, nowadays, finding good salespeople is a challenge in France and Germany alike. Both job markets are very tight, with respective unemployment rates of 5 % and 7.3 % in 2023. If you're trying to recruit in France, in Germany or in both, here are our experts' top 5 tips.

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Attracting sales candidates in Germany and France: 5 tips

Among modern recruitment techniques in Germany and in France, recruiting on social media is an interesting option from a financial point of view, especially when recruiting in a foreign country. Yet, many companies still struggle to do it, let alone efficiently. Here are the 5 typical errors to avoid when directly approaching French and German candidates on social media.

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Recruiting on social media in France and Germany: Top 5 mistakes

In the current context of candidate shortage, poaching employees has become very common. In general, hiring away an employee from a competitor is allowed in Germany, but in some cases it can be considered unethical and damage your reputation. How far can an employer go to fill positions? What risks does an employer face if illegally hiring? What are the rules to be respected by foreign companies wishing to directly hire off an employee from their German competitors? Let's look at the precautions a company ought to take.

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Talent poaching in Germany: What you need to know before hiring from the competition

Hackathon, Business Challenge, sporty job interview: More and more companies in France are no longer content with the classic job interview to recruit new talent. What are the new recruiting methods in France and how can foreign applicants prepare? If you’re looking to hire or get hired in France, you should know precisely what’s happening at the local forefront of recruiting.

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New recruiting trends in France 2024