Airbus Group - Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters, formerly Eurocopter, is a division of Airbus Group, a global pioneer in aerospace and defence related services. Employing approximately 22,000 people worldwide, Airbus Helicopters is the world's No. 1 helicopter manufacturer with a turnover of 6.3 billion euros. The company's in-service fleet includes some 12,000 helicopters operated by more than 3,000 customers in approximately 150 countries. Airbus Helicopters' international presence is marked by its subsidiaries and participation in 21 countries, and its worldwide network of service centres, training facilities, distributors and certified agents. Airbus Helicopters' range of civil and military helicopters is the world's largest; its aircraft account for one third of the worldwide civil and parapublic fleet. The company's main priority is to ensure the safe operation of its aircraft for the thousands of people who together fly more than 3 million hours per year.

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Expert SAP Accounting, Cost Accounting & Controlling (d/f/m), Donauwörth Publiée 14/05/24
IM Product & Project Manager (f/m), Marseille Publiée 14/05/24
Apprenti(e) business analyst (F/H), Marseille Publiée 14/05/24
Praktikum (m/w) Kommunikation, Donauwörth Archivée 06/06/18
Praktikum (m/w) Pricing, Donauwörth Archivée 06/06/18
Stage (H/F) en comptabilité analytique et audit de prix, Marignane Archivée 13/12/17
Extended Enterprise/ Product & Service Line Manager - Service Delivery Manager (m/f), Marignane Archivée 13/12/17
Stage (H/F) capitalisation des données techniques certification et navigabilité, Marignane Archivée 23/11/17
Stage (H/F) incertitudes de mesure et BDD capteurs, Marignane Archivée 25/10/17
Intership (m/f) Support for the H160 pre-series production, Marignane Archivée 25/10/17
Stage (H/F) Gestion de données techniques pour le service export Control, Marignane Archivée 25/10/17
Internship Development Engineer (m/f) for Digital Operational Documentation, Marignane Archivée 25/10/17
Stage ingénieur (H/F) management de projet outils et process, Marignane Archivée 25/10/17
Stage ingénieur (H/F) IT architecture poste de travail, Marignane Archivée 25/10/17
Apprenti (H/F) achats stratégiques, Marignane Archivée 11/07/17
Praktikum (m/w) technische Dokumentation, Donauwörth Archivée 07/06/17
Praktikum (m/w) Kommunikation, Donauwörth Archivée 07/06/17
Stage (H/F) Développement d'outil digital à la gestion de contrat, Marignane Archivée 07/06/17
Apprenti (H/F) achats stratégiques, Marignane Archivée 07/06/17
Assistant (H/F) Project Manager Part Tech Data, Marignane Archivée 07/06/17
Alt Amélioration continue des processus de standardisation des métiers Bureaux des Méthodes, Marignane Archivée 07/06/17
Alternance Chef (H/F) de projet Santé Sécurité Environnement, Marignane Archivée 07/06/17
Stage Chargé (H/F) de communication junior outils digitaux, Marignane Archivée 07/06/17
Ingenieur (H/F) en R&T/R&D, Marignane Archivée 07/06/17
Praktikum (m/w) Projektmanagement des Tiger Programms, Donauwörth Archivée 09/05/17